SSH key pre-installed on Cloud Services

Joe's Datacenter, LLC uses OnApp cloud orchestration software for our virtual private servers. By default a single SSH key is installed in every VM provision.  This pre-installed key is stored encrypted in the OnApp control panel and used for orchestration  purposes.

This SSH key allows OnApp to perform operations that require root file system access without requiring shutting down the VM.  For example: If you order a new IP address it can re-create the necessary files responsible for the network configuration.

If the controller cannot log in to the VM due to the key being removed or firewall blocking ssh the operation will fail. It is in no way critical as every operation that would require ssh access via the stored key can also alternatively shut down the VM to access its
file system directly from the hypervisor.

1. The key is installed by OnApp automatically during VPS server provisioning.
2. The private key is very well protected.
3. At any time you can remove the key.

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