rDNS Request

To manage reverse DNS records directly from the client portal, begin by logging in to https://billing.joesdatacenter.com. 
Login page

Select the services tab.
Select Service Tab

Then, select the service that you would like to modify the rDNS records for. 
Select Service

From there, navigate to the sidebar on the left of the page labeled actions, and click on "Manage RDNS".
Manage rDNS

From the Manage RDNS page, you can add, delete and change rDNS records to fit your needs.  This page will list all subnets attached to the selected service, just simply scroll until you see the subnet with the address you would like to manage.  To add another rDNS entry, click on the green plus symbol to the right of the hostname column.  To delete an entry, click the red minus symbol to the right of the hostname column.
rDNS page
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