Shipping your Colo Equipment

The following are our procedures and items that can be included when shipping your colocation equipment to us:

- Double box everything.
- Use foam inserts, bubble wrap or air bags to pack any device. Please do not use peanuts because they build up static charges.
- Have all equipment secure inside the case. Screwless cases have been known to come apart and expansion cards or hard drives fall out.

You must provide rails for your rack-mount server(s). If you do not, you will be charged a $50 setup fee per server. If you have a non-standard rack-mount server, it will not be installed until we get the non-standard rails from you.

This list will be on your account and is a record of your equipment we have in our facility. All of your equipment needs to be listed with Manufacturer, Model#, Serial#, Description, IP Address, OS for each server and if its for the current install or replacement parts.

- You will be charged a $40 an hour fee for remote hands on for us to replace your equipment.
- We can store replacement parts for you to have on hand as needed and the following is the allocated storage space we provide you:
Mid-Tower, Full-Tower & 1U-5U Rack Space Colo plans- one small locker with the dimensions of 12” Height x 12” Length x 11” Wide.
Quarter, Half and Full Cabinet Colo plans- one storage locker with dimensions that are 33” Height x 18” Length x 11” Wide.

Packages arrival- You must send us the tracking #s and day/time of your packages arrival. If your equipment shipments arrive without notifying us it could delay your deployment.

Our Facility Address:
Attn: (Your Name or Ticket #)
Joe’s Datacenter
1325 Tracy Ave
Kansas City, MO 64106

We will provide your IP allocation soon after your new order placement has been received so you can pre-configure your server(s). We also provide the network drop cables.  Once the equipment arrives please allow 24-48 hours for the technician to unpack, inspect equipment, setup and deploy your service(s).


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