General Billing Policy

1. The day you order your new service, you will be billed for the entire first month. Once the invoice is paid, the service will then be sent off for completion.

2. Invoices will be generated and e-mailed 10 days before they are due every month. The due date is the day you originally ordered the service. You can view your invoices in your client support panel.

3. Services that are set to auto billing will use your default credit card set on your account and will be charged on the invoice due date.

4. Your monthly bandwidth usage allotment is calculated by your total transferred both inbound and outbound traffic.  Bandwidth overages are invoiced 1 month following the usage period.

5. If your payment is declined or you fail to submit payment 5 days after due date, your services will be suspended until we receive full payment.  

6. Failure to make payment past an invoice’s due date may result in your services and/or account being terminated.  Terminated services data will be erased and non-recoverable.  In no event shall Joe’s Datacenter, LLC staff be responsible for loss of data.
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